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Special Edition Shin is WT Approved.

Sizes available: S – XL

White. EVA foam.

From the beginning of Taekwondo professional sparring, athletes have used a simple slip-on protectors without any ventilation function. This caused uncomfortable heated feelings that had athletes begging to remove them ASAP. That is when the more conventional strap-on protectors came along and still used regularly today. But even those had their own flaws (ex. rotating during competition).

Below are the key points that we’ve applied in our new protection system for maximum protection and comfort.

·         Special Edition Protectors uses the sleeve concept in protection gear to ensure non-rotation. The game can now go on with less interruptions and more competitiveness.

·         The soft ventilated mesh fabric sleeve attracts odor after multiple usage. We have designed the protector foam to be removable, so that the outer layer sleeve can be properly washed.

·         The protector foam is shaped to imitate the human body curves minimizing distance between the guard and the body, leading to less shifting of the protector.

·         The core area also referred to as “the most vulnerable area” is padded with memory style foam to absorb more of the impact. As the foam absorbs the impact the human body takes less of it, leading to less injuries in the core area.

Successfully showcased at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Weight 0.00000000 kg
Special Edition Shin – Tusah